Moving day

I have decided to start posting at The Anti-Gnostic.blogspot site was getting infested with spam and I was getting tired of the format. Readers have mentioned that they would like to see me posting again and I intend to do so. It’s an invigorating time and the world remains as determined as ever to provide me with material.

The header photo is from a fire which started at a Georgia DOT staging site in Atlanta, on March 30, 2017. In a “hold my crackpipe” moment, a homeless man lit some materials on fire in a shopping cart. The fire spread to a massive cache of polyethylene pipe. Polyethylene burns beautifully, which makes it a poor choice for exterior cladding on residential high rises.

grenfell tower

The fire melted the rebar inside a section of the roadway, which dropped neatly to the ground.

i85 bridge1

Other sections were weakened, and a major urban artery was shut down for several months.

i85 bridge repair

Some people really don’t do well in complex societies, but we let them vote and do other things consistent with self-rule based on the popular delusion that all men are created equal.

The tagline, “Delusion equals damage,” was the title of another Alt-Right blog which departed from the Internet some time ago. It’s pithy and succinct and I’ve always liked it.

Over time I will be adding features. At some point I may try to import the blogspot posts but for now I will just leave the old site up. Comments have been closed at anti-gnostic.blogspot but feel free to e-mail me at if you’d like to see something re-visited, and if you are having any problems with the comments or other features. I am still working through the site’s settings.

In the works:  cyberpunk theology, and when I was wrong.

Thank you for reading and commenting.


2 thoughts on “Moving day

  1. Well, at least when Sherman burned the city he didn’t ask anybody for quarters afterward

    Good luck on the move, looking forward to more writing


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