The Daily Paroxysm

Apparently, I’m supposed to be outraged by this.

Minors who attempt to enter the US extra-legally are detained in facilities separate from their adult parents or guardians.

The source media, Quartz, contrasts these photos with images of US citizens Paul Ryan, Ivanka Trump, and Mike Huckabee and their shamefully intact nuclear families.

No less a worthy than former CIA and NSA head and retired Air Force general Michael Hayden reminds us that this can only end with Jews being marched into the ovens.

This is manufactured outrage over a problem that never should have been allowed to progress to this point. Minors are now being separated from accompanying adults, who may or may not be their parents, because extra-legal migrants were previously processed via “catch and release.” Under the admittedly laudatory policy of not breaking up family units across detention facilities, extra-legal migrants were instead released into the general community and exhorted to show up for their immigration hearings like actual, legally observant, net tax-payers. The Trump administration ended this obvious farce. There are simply not enough facilities convenient to the US border to house all the adults and minors seeking to enter the US by any means necessary, so minors are, perforce, housed separately in hastily constructed, sub-bourgeois facilities away from the adults.

Prisons, schools, day-cares, and entertainment venues are organized along the same lines. The problem never should have been allowed to get this far, and President Trump is being a responsible Chief Executive by broadcasting the human cost involved with coming to the US extra-legally.

This follows nicely from the preceding post, The 30,000 Foot View. Rather than sober deliberation and detachment–in recognition of a world of finite resources and remote consequences–people respond with emotional triggers, even retired executive-level spooks like Gen. Michael Hayden.

One thought on “The Daily Paroxysm

  1. Limited resources as you say are the issue here: Even the good Samaritan couldn’t feed everybody, and besides that he wasn’t the king of the Samaritans, with a responsibility to defend his own people and country. Besides both of those, the Israelite didn’t pretend to get robbed to con the Samaritan out of his cloak or a few nights at the inn (let alone citizenship, etc).

    It’s insane that half or more of the country can’t see those basic facts, but more so that articulating them puts you in Vaclav Havel territory.


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