Et al.

I thought I’d do a brief post on the folks in my blogroll. If I’m on your blogroll but you’re not on mine, let me know and I’ll add your site. I follow the rule of reciprocity.

Ad Orientem – good Orthodox

John is an Orthodox Christian whose blog is a good aggregator for Orthodox, Catholic, and secular goings-on. He is completely trustworthy, unfailingly courteous, and responsible for half my site traffic.

American Fez – humor for the Decline

Very early on, I found my site linked by this Bostonian in the IT industry. Here’s a good example of his work:

am fez

Tee hee.


Brett Stevens is one of the most incessantly excellent Alt-Right authors on the Internet.

Chateau Heartiste – the end of the World

Years ago, a D.C. bureaucrat who called himself “Roissy” started a pick-up blog which eviscerated feminism, instructed men on the nittier, grittier details of getting laid, and spawned numerous, mostly fraudulent imitators. At some point, he started quoting me, and we’ve shared a couple of e-mails.

We all age out of the hunt, and I don’t think “Roissy” has been active on the site or in the scene for a decade. My distilled advice to younger men:

Be friendly-flirtatious with every woman from age 18 to 80.

Be physically fit.

Be financially set.

Be nonchalant and, at least on first impressions, non-controversial.

If you’re shorter, consider wearing some low-slung boots.

Or, just take yourself off the treadmill. Getting laid is not the be-all/end-all of life.

Contra Niche – bleak Christianity

“August” belongs to that class of Christian who looks at the current wreck and wonders, what is Christianity without a Christendom? Good question.


Don’t bother with National Review. Read Chronicles.

Generic Views – from the belly of the Beast

Former Army Ranger and had a well-publicized site but took it down after getting some heat at work. Thankfully he started re-blogging and I’m looking forward to his retirement when he really lets it rip.

Glory to God for All Things – Archpriest Stephen Freeman

Fr. Stephen is an OCA priest and probably as wise as Rudyard Kipling.

Happy Acres

Retired, 60-year old software developer with two college-age children and a Chinese wife. Do not follow this man. He is so dangerous that Tumblr had to ban him.

James Howard Kunstler

Kunstler is an old-school liberal who writes about the American anti-culture from upstate New York. Like Edward Abbey, at some point he will be un-personed by the Left.

Just Genesis

This is the blog of former Episcopal priest and now Antiochian Orthodox Christian and anthropologist Alice Linsley. Fascinating and scholarly.

Malcolm Pollack – the thinking man’s thinking man

Malcolm is trained as a physicist, and posits that the distance between human particles is decreasing, raising temperature and pressure, and accelerating the fluid dynamics. I’ve suggested that rising living standards are diffusing the system. But seeing what passes as dialogue for the Left on Twitter, I’m inclined to Malcolm’s view.

Mansized Target – Paleocon

MT labors in the legal vineyards like me.

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment

I’m there, so the map is here.

Marginal Revolution – piping hot cheap chalupas

Academic economist who moderates with a light hand. Good site to sharpen your arguments against ideological conservatives and the more intelligent liberals. You will also deduce that the ideological conservatives and saner liberals are running out of coherent, intelligent arguments.


Greek Orthodox who is an excellent resource for all things Orthodox. John periodically writes an apologia for Hallowe’en. I used to tell my daughter when Christ told his disciples that he saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven that the rule of the pagan demons and their human thralls was done. They’re trying to make a comeback but at 40% suicide rates I think this will be a problem that solves itself.

Outside In – Reaction central

A little esoteric but this is where the intellectual ferment is, and they link to me.

Patrick’s Blog – the last Englishman

Patrick is an Englishman and Orthodox Christian in England. Endangered species.

Porter – chronicling the Kakistocracy

In an actually sustainable world, you wouldn’t read David Brooks; you’d read Porter. Like Generic Views, he is hilariously neck-deep in the belly of the Beast.

Radish – Students Against a Democratic Society

Radish has not been active for quite some time. Back in the day, he made some great campaign posters.

Social Matter

This is conservatism.

Steve Sailer at

If you are not reading Steve Sailer, please go away.

Unqualified Reservations – Godfather of Reaction

This is probably where it all started. My definitive breakdown of a Mencius Moldbug post is here.

View From The Right – website of the late Lawrence Auster

Lawrence Auster was a prickly, difficult personality who never had a real job and lived in New York City. He was an Ashkenazi Jew who converted to the Episcopal Church and received Last Rites as a Roman Catholic. You could only comment on his site via e-mail, and he was impressed enough to have at least one exchange with me. Like Mencius, he prophesied a lot of things.

2 thoughts on “Et al.

  1. “We all age out of the hunt, and I don’t think “Roissy” has been active on the site or in the scene for a decade”-
    Really? He’s gone? It’s not him on the site (Chateau Heartiste) anymore? Then again, the site has radically changed tone, going from a cute PUA blog to Stormfront-lite…


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