The Great Clarification


It’s happening, and a lot of people aren’t ready. George Will is leaving the Republican Party in a huff because the Republican president is enforcing the nation’s borders. Will has made a good living telling his ethnic and ideological cohort what they want to hear. But his opinions gelled in an America that was 88% white, 120 million people smaller, and anybody other than “white” or “black” was a radar blip. We are simply not the same country:

  • The frontier-capitalist nation that enacted a Second Amendment for settlers fighting wild animals and hunter-gatherer tribes must perforce protect the right to keep and bear arms of illiterate thugs, psychopaths, and George Will alike.
  • We print money and buy our own debt with it, notwithstanding the Constitution’s solemn assurance that the States cannot make anything but gold and silver Coin legal tender. (See Article I, Section 10, para. 1).
  • The Culture War is over, and the conservatives lost. No worries, because we’ve practically abolished Scarcity, and you can safely make any number of reckless life choices that heretofore would have meant death, impoverishment, or exile.

George Will is at least maintaining some dignified prissiness. Other individuals are suffering full-blown manic breaks, like Shia LaBoeuf and Jim Carrey.



I’m not sure if it’s a manic break, but Kathy Griffin has let hatred possess her soul. This is how you look when demons possess your soul.

kathy griffin trump

The commonality between frumpy conservatives like George Will and batshit-crazy Lefties is that politics as they have always known them are over. In religious terms they are having a God-is-dead moment. It never occurred to conservatives like George Will that Republican voters would tune out his exquisitely worded arguments over fiscal policy and Constitutional jurisprudence in favor of the strongman who says he’ll protect them from their enemies. The Left thought they could steamroll forever over the polite protestations of George Will. It never occurred to them that whites can play identity politics too.

Trump is the Great Clarification and the battle lines are drawing up:  Globalism vs. Nationalism; Who, Whom, not What, How; Ideology  vs. Reality. Politics is no longer the arms-length battle of ideas that are the provenance of a higher g, homogenous country.

In other words, politics both in the US and globally are now territorial, not ideological. If you believe it’s about ideas, and not about people and places, you are in uncharted waters. The common reaction among people who have lost their bearings is panicked and irrational behavior, or paralysis. Read my blog to keep your bearings, friends.

Let me introduce some graphics to show what I’m talking about.

First, the most populous parts of the US will be majority non-white in a generation. The future has already been born.

See also, National Population by Characteristics, 2010 – 2017, US Census Bureau.

The notion that people make countries is commonly regarded as step one to the Holocaust so I’m not going to elaborate much. Suffice to say, a minority-white US will be a very different place than a white super-majority US. This may be good or bad depending on which behavioral, time-preference, and intelligence means you favor. However, most people vote with their feet and their wallets for high IQ, low time-preference countries, and school districts.

Second, here’s the other really, really important graphic:  there are 41 States with less population than the County of Los Angeles, California.

LA County vs States

Now compare the above chart to the maps of majority-minority and age distribution above. Okay, I’ll do the work:  Ohio and Pennsylvania are the last big, white States.

Then look up voting preference by race. Wait, I’ve done it for you.

vote by race

Modern US politics is in the process of transforming from What, How to Who, Whom. As I like to repeat, it’s not what your politician supports, it’s whether he supports you. (H/T Steve Sailer).

California, conveniently located next to Mexico, has a steady source of reliably Democratic voters. By the way, remember that Grand Old Document, the US Constitution? Pursuant to the 14th Amendment, paragraph 2, “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State.” So when port/border States want more representation, they can just import it and, to a large extent, dare the rest of us to stop them. They can stack the Electoral College in similar fashion. Immigration is the issue, because it determines who gets to decide all the other issues.

Another thing about that Constitution, it says the number of Representatives “shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand.” (Article I, Sec. 2, para. 3). There are currently 435 House members. If we went to the Constitutional maximum, there would be over 10,000. Practically, that’s impossible and institutional interia means we are absurdly under-represented. Operationally, representation in Congress is extremely diffuse, resulting in squeaky-wheel, interest-group politics.

In summary, the electoral politics of the US are seriously out of whack. The anti-majoritarian tenets of the Constitution will only be respected by the growing urban super-majorities for so long. Remember the fuss over the proposed elimination of state and local tax deductions a few months back? This is another example of seriously unbalanced political dynamics. High-tax blue States shift part of the political and financial cost of onerous taxation to low-tax red States. Recall that once upon a time we killed 600,000 of each other over such cost-shifting.

The current imbalances are just not sustainable. The Flyovers will not be ruled by the Coasts, and the Coasts actively despise and ultimately will refuse to be ruled by the Flyovers. I foresee the Left’s meltdown and agitation driving more voters into the flyovers’ Team White, so the anti-Trumpers are in for a long six more years, maybe fourteen after Don Jr. throws his hat in the ring.

After that, there won’t be any more national elections so we can stop worrying about it.

I hope to write less about politics going forward because it’s becoming terribly reducible at this point.

3 thoughts on “The Great Clarification

  1. Will’s piece only clarifies that today’s political will remains deeply ideological based on territorial claims–North vs. South, federal supremacy vs. states rights, civility vs. being civilized. In other words, old paradigms just repackaged for the modern American. You really need to notice–the “Who/Whom” stems from “what are my beliefs” and “how will I promote them” over perceived opponents or enemies racially, culturally, religiously, or ideologically.

    “Another thing about that Constitution, it says the number of Representatives “shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand.” (Article I, Sec. 2, para. 3). There are currently 435 House members. Constitutionally, there are supposed to be over 10,000. Practically, this Constitutional requirement is impossible, so everybody pretends it doesn’t exist.”

    For the first 140 years of the republic, the House increased in size with the population in varying degrees, going from 65 members originally to 435. A Republican Congress and president enacted the Reapportionment Act of 1929, which arbitrarily capped the number at 435 members. Although the U.S. population has more than doubled since 1929, the individual’s voice in the federal government has diminished. In most modern democracies, legislative size tends to increase at a much slower pace than population growth in general. There is a movement to rectify the situation, so to say “everybody pretends it doesn’t exist” is a vast overgeneralization.


  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. I scanned the District Court order in your link. If I read it correctly, the three-judge panel said it’s up to the US Congress to decide on State representation. My more meta-philosophical opinion would be that one branch of a sovereign can’t make another branch of the sovereign protect its delegated powers under the sovereign charter. The rationale being: the charter itself sets out the separate branches powers and duties. The judiciary can’t help the legislature be a legislature.

    Practically, I think a 10,000 member legislature would be wholly unworkable and largely irrelevant. If the country’s that big, then its government is an oligarchy perforce. I note that China has a congress of 2,980 members.


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