Update: Tyler was just kidding

Apparently. But I’ll leave this up any way:

Marginal Revolution will be leaving the blogroll, as Tyler and Alex have turned the site’s comments off. I’ll try to replace it with another econ site but I’m not optimistic. Practically all non-Marxist economists seem converged around the same bundle of neo-liberal tenets at this point. Economists generate exquisite papers demonstrating why immigration results in sidewalks paved with trillion dollar bills, but the age-old riddle of why white neighbors cost so much remains shrouded in mystery. Maybe they should ask their wives.

Similarly, I’m still looking for a good news aggregator to link on the site that’s not blatantly the product of a class of liberal, Democratic partisans.

The debate on MR was robust and a good place to sharpen your arguments against generally more intelligent opposition. Over time though it’s become obvious that the Left, including the classical liberals, do not have many arrows left in the quiver. Here for example is Alex, who otherwise works as a gimlet-eyed atheist economist coolly analyzing the minimum wage, moonlighting over in the Philosophy department on the Kantian imperative of immigration. After years of having their posts flayed alive and left to fester in the comment threads, I’m not surprised at the authors’ decision.

This rhetorical impotence is not restricted to the Left. As I’ve pointed out too often, what passes for the Right in the US finds itself perplexed over the failure of fiscal conservatism and exquisitely originalist Constitutional jurisprudence to resonate with the American public. (Answer: because everybody knows we just print all the money we need and the Constitution is whatever five judges say it is. You’re welcome.)

In like fashion, the rhetoric over President Donald Trump is impotent and childishly overwrought:

  • Drumpf is stupid!
  • Drumpf is a Russian puppet!
  • Drumpf is literally Hitler!

I’m still puzzling over how this allegedly low-IQ moron beat the entire Media, Academic, Business, and Political establishments in his first-ever run for elected office, why the Russian Federation wants to halt Central American and Muslim immigration into the US, and when the Jews neo-conservatives will be shipped off to the camps.

Reality–in the form of several million whites deciding to go to the polls in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania rather than staying home like they did in 2008 and 2012–seems to be inducing a lot of inability to cope these days.

Here’s a few other bubble-bursting bits of reality out there for all sides on the political spectrum:

  • If you still believe that evolution only occurs from the jaw down and humans are born tabula rasa, you are not going to like the future.
  • Socialism still doesn’t work.
  • We know what doesn’t happen when the central government disappears in Libya or Syria classical, Western notions of ordered liberty–that’s what doesn’t happen.

I could go on. Worldviews hatched and nurtured in the creche of a culturally and racially homogenous, triumphantly post-WW2/Cold War United States are being subjected to robust, democratic critique via the Internet. Consequently, the ideological custodians are trying to limit debate to its formerly comfy bounds. This is serious stuff indeed. One of the top 150 media influencers in the 2016 election was the pseudonymous @ricky_vaughn99. The social media executives are horrified. They let the genie out of the lamp, actually helping to elect Donald Trump, and now they are desperately attempting to stuff it back in.

It won’t work of course. It never does, and all the people freaking out about the end of politics as we know it just need to calm down and read my blog instead.

8 thoughts on “Update: Tyler was just kidding

  1. That’s too bad, although I’m only surprised it took them so long. Scott Sumner (The Money Illusion) and Arnold Kling (askblog) are both excellent if you’re looking for replacements. Both are more narrowly focused than MR though.


  2. I love Trump:

    1. The aging 60’s hippies now support the FBI and NSA
    2. Democrats finally think that Russia is bad
    3. The Koch brothers are now supporting Democrats

    What’s not to like!

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  3. Sumner, if he is who I think he is, is not great. Nor is Kling, particularly. What we need is a Misesian with enough understanding of mathematics to understand Steve Keen’s economic model- where in he models actual reality, not like most economists who model daydreams.

    Keen is an old-school progressive, so he can be annoying at times, but the model seem solid, and probably the most important thing in economics right now. Need a map that relates to the territory and not continued promotion of ‘free’ market policies which turn out not to be free market policies the second something goes wrong. The free market is a unicorn.


  4. I’ll be honest, I wish the feud between Trump and Koch had waited until after the election. GOP Senate candidates are going to miss that cash.


  5. I don’t know what the ‘GDP will rise’ comments referred to, but I know I did comment that on one of their stupid tariff-hate posts. Because it will given the nature of how GDP is calculated. Of course, I never seem to get these guys to actually engage me- occasionally another reader might, but it’s crickets from the ‘professionals’. In fact, I had to stop following them on twitter- they are far more offensive there, as well as Caplan. It’s no good if, after awhile, you realize they just won’t respond to anything substantive.


  6. A recap of some of the obvious:

    1. The economics profession’s entire raison d’etre is to provide rationalizations for the stupid collective ideas the herd embraces. Human cognition, if you look at it objectively, is largely run by the impulsive mind. The individual part of that runs vices and other self-harming actions that “seemed like such a good idea.” The collective part is what animates herding behavior (see socionomics dot net for exposition on this.) From debt-based fiat money to approving the notion that industries grown under exponentially-rising debt-fueled demand are sustainable, economists prove themselves morons to a man. My favorite is the notion that under the last 37 years’ decline in interest rates (AKA a bond bull market) for each dollar borrowed and spent, TWO dollars (or more) of wealth were created: the “spent dollar” cascaded through the GDP-counting economy at the velocity of money, and a 2nd dollar, the IOU, showed up as “wealth” in the asset column of the balance sheet. It was a perpetual motion machine producing wealth, Wealth, WEALTH!!! No, actually it was the largest credit fraud in human history, arising only because people lack the ability to think about numbers that large.

    2. Trump confounds people because he appears to offer no consistent philosophical alternative to Leftism. This is hilariously true and paradoxically predictable.

    Leftism is obviously theology, not politics. Its cultists’ premises are faith-based, not fact-based, and are quite literally the politics of wishful thinking as articulated by John Lennon’s lyrics in “Imagine.” It is made up of lunatics, hopelessly-hopeful idealists and virtue-signaling herd animals (see, I circled around to impulsive-minded cognition there.) Leftist dogma has been set for decades by the lunatic faction, and if you think of a 3D plot of possible political (religious) thought instead of the normal Left-Right 2D model, imagine that the lunatics narrowed the approved dogma down to a narrowly-focused cone, almost a coherent-light version of collective insanity (sanity being defined as when one’s gestalt lines up fairly well with actual reality.)

    When Leftist dogma is the only religion allowed, all alternatives are by definition EVIL, heretical and not to be tolerated. Ironically, this means that ANYONE who deviates from Leftist dogma is a “Rightist,” AKA Satan. If one thinks back to that spherical model of possible belief, one can see that one “Rightist” could deviate from Leftist orthodoxy in one way, a different “Rightist” could deviate in the opposite direction and the two “Rightists” could hold diametrically opposed views.

    Voila! Chaos. Disorder. Incoherence. And all of it is Rightist.

    Since probably the Protestant Reformation the Left grew (fueled, I think, by vertically-rising living standards in the 19th century.) Leftism became the explicit State Church, established when the North prevented Southern secession. The Left jettisoned the Bible prior to embracing Lennon’s more ecumenical version of Hopeful, Idealistic idiocy (fueled by the rise of !Science! and an increasing belief that mankind can alter Nature’s very laws.) But I strongly suspect that the same collective impulsive cognition that caused people to trust the truthiness of (an estimated) $247 trillion in IOU’s (not to mention probably four times that in non-debt promises of future cash flows, from pensions and SocSec to Medicare) is behind the We-Are-The-World pathological trust for Open Borders and Multi-cultural Jim-Jones-People’s-Temple behavior among so-called whites.

    If socionomic theory holds water, I count the last 50+ years as a vertical “blow-off rally,” the final wave higher and often seen in commodity market bull runs right before they crash and burn. Five centuries of rally, capped by 50 years of vertical ascent toward Nirvana. The ensuing “bear market” should be unprecedented when it arrives in earnest.

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