The other anti-gnostic

Not just me and Gnostic Wars, but also superb, old-school Leftist James Howard Kunstler.

The faction that used to be the Democratic party can be described with some precision these days as a three-headed monster driving the nation toward danger, darkness, and incoherence. Anyone interested in defending what remains of the sane center of American politics take heed:…

The third head of this monster is the one aflame with identity politics. It arises from a crypto-gnostic wish to change human nature to escape the woes and sorrows of the human condition — for example, the terrible tensions of sexuality. Hence, the multiplication of new sexual categories as a work-around for the fundamental terrors of human reproduction as represented by the differences between men and women. Those differences must be abolished, and replaced with chimeras that enable a childish game of pretend, men pretending to be women and vice-versa in one way or another: LBGTQetc. Anything BUT the dreaded “cis-hetero” purgatory of men and women acting like men and women. The horror….

Its companion is the race hustle and its multicultural operating system. The objective has become transparent over the past year, with rising calls to punish white people for the supposed “privilege” of being Caucasian and pay “reparations” in one way or another to underprivileged  “people of color.” This comes partly from the infantile refusal to understand that life is difficult for everybody, and that the woes and sorrows of being in this world require fortitude and intelligence to get through — with the final reward being absolutely the same for everybody.

This frankly needs to be read in a lot of Sunday schools. These are ancient, ancient lessons. Sexuality is fraught and consequential. Life is hard, especially when you don’t have rich parents. And no, it’s not because God messed up and you’re really supposed to be a woman, or The Man has his foot on the neck of the Brutha. Resources are scarce, desire is unlimited, and bad things happen to good people. Our forebears derived spiritual truths from harsh reality and passed them down in the form of Tradition. All the world’s spiritual traditions deal with the cruel world, and they all generally say the same thing: love God and your neighbors, get married and stay married, be fruitful and bear children, venerate your ancestors. Failure to follow these laws for living puts you outside the Tribe on a very uncaring planet. But now that we generate sufficient wealth to indulge all manner and number of sins (forgive my brevity–the Internet only has so much bandwidth), the wages of sin are not death. They’re millions of public and private dollars willingly, enthusiastically! poured into anti-retroviral drugs so homosexuals can shamble along with a simulacrum of an immune system. If economist Donald McCloskey decides to turn his back on his family and adopt feminine dress and mannerisms at age 53, he doesn’t get shunned out of his job and social class. He gets to carry on as any well-dressed female circa 1982 would, while his peers frantically suppress their crimethink.

I can only imagine some people in this current Clown Age: “Doctor, I need help! I saw a biological man dressed up like my grandmother calling himself Dierdre and found myself thinking he was a mentally unbalanced freak!” “That’s awful, you sick pervert! Here’s three prescriptions and six months of therapy so you can deal with your pathological issues. Also, I’m obligated to call Homeland Security.”

Awkward misanthrope ready to explode from rejection and sexual frustration? Don’t bother lifting weights and developing character. We will scratch that itch as deeply in the cerebral cortex as you need with virtual reality and sexbots.

Kunstler is as right as any sage old monk. Reality is tough so we build fantastic, gnostic constructs and spend seemingly limitless money to cocoon ourselves from biology and the physical laws of the universe. We’re still not at Japanese-tier debt, measured in quadrillions of currency, so we can probably keep this up for quite some time.

Even longer, if we figure out nuclear fusion.

And when the AI-managed reactors come on line lads, this old world–the one red of tooth and claw–is over.



9 thoughts on “The other anti-gnostic

  1. A Gnosticism sighting, and from someone on the “left!” At this point, I’m just glad when people see it, no matter where they come from. How can we fight the Beast if we can’t even name it? Also, reading someone like Kunstler confirms that the old left/right distinctions no longer apply so much. Same with Dem/Repub, conservative/liberal, etc. We’re undergoing a sea change, with no real telling what the categories will be when the sifting is done.

    “This frankly needs to be read in a lot of Sunday schools.”

    I did a series on Gnosticism for my church a few years ago, connecting ancient Gnosticism with our current form. Researched, documented, and reasoned. The folks were nice about it, but I mainly got blank stares. I’d be self deprecating and say maybe I’m not a good public speaker, but frankly, that’s not true. I’m pretty good at it, and usually get really good feedback. This subject, it just didn’t register with them, and I’m left wondering how express it in a way that does. It’s important. It explains everything about Clown World.

    I wish I’d thought of the the term “crypto-Gnostic.” That’s strong, and sounds kind of menacing.

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    1. I used to comment on his site. People started pointing out that his World Made By Hand series was basically white nationalism. He doesn’t have a lot of Mother Jones-type commenters left.


  2. There is reality and there is fantasy (belief in magic.) We all debate the gray area between them (which often involves theology, if not epistemology.)

    To me, everything humans do must be somehow coded by our DNA. Behavior, individual or social, doesn’t fall from the sky, and we’re not Gods, we do not create our own any more than do bees, mice or any other social animal. We (people) simply have a very complicated set of instructions, with seemingly (!) endless loops, eddies and (above all) DEAD ENDS. These last are Nature’s way of eliminating what doesn’t work from the genome of people in particular places. [That’s “What Doesn’t Work” from Nature’s viewpoint, not ours. An organism that overruns its ecological niche due to being “too successful” is a problem for Nature.]

    This means that if there exist some “grand conspiracies” and “top-down propaganda programs,” they too are just another part of the Matrix.

    I currently wrestle with an unanswerable question:

    I believe neurobiology shows that human cognition occurs in two different processes which amount to Rational and Impulsive. I also believe that individual humans are born to a segment within the full spectrum of every human attribute (intelligence, personality traits, athleticism, etc., including the person’s individual propensity for Reasoned, vs Impulsive cognition and thus behavior.) We can fiddle with our performance along our segment, but we can’t radically alter what our DNA utterly determines.

    This means that to me, for example, a person who is born to a segment on the higher side of the spectrum of Impulsive cognition will be “high spectrum” for interest in fashion, and/or indulgence in vice (the former is social impulsivity, the latter is individual impulsivity.) We KNOW that propensity to addiction is heritable. This would help explain it.
    (end part one of two, apologies.)

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  3. (begin part two of two.)

    Volkmar Weiss has a nice 2007 paper on The Population Cycle wherein he argues that Nature culls for higher intelligence and capability until the now-smarter populace tames Nature’s culling, after which the “smarter, more capable” people have fewer kids and are eventually drowned in a wave of “less capable, more stupid” but (released from Nature’s culling) fecund people, leading to the collapse of civilizations. [This is a massive paraphrase.]

    I find this dissatisfying given that the demographic catastrophe is so clearly visible half a century or more in advance. People should know better, but they [an entire society of the most civilized people] insist on fantasy instead of reality.

    I posit two explanations:
    A. After five or ten generations without serious culling/hardship, people who are high-spectrum for Impulsive cognition (who normally would be SLAUGHTERED by Nature) proliferate among the otherwise “more capable, more intelligent” peoples, leading to the ultimate collective Impulsive fad, Leftism (a theology of Equalism and Altruism.) Leftist theology eventually becomes Pathological Altruism leading to population collapse due to low reproduction and utterly suicidal surrender to alien population invasions.
    B. The balance between Rational and Impulsive cognition is the subject of an epigenetic switch, such that in periods of perceived unlimited resources, Impulsive cognition is grossly amplified, producing the same apparent catastrophes as Explanation A until “Plenitude” is replaced by hardship, at which time the epigenetic switch is set back toward Reasoned cognition and Leftist Theology is largely discarded.

    My question is, between these two explanations, is it all A, all B, is it a combination and if so, which predominates? This is as far as I’ve gotten in this inquiry.

    In any case, Etienne de la Boetie showed us 500 years ago that all polities exist only under popular consent. If some cabal or parasitic subpopulation is manipulating the impulsive cognition of Western populations, it’s only because Western populations are content to play along, even if it predictably leads to cataclysm.

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    1. I wish I had time to engage this fully, but I at least have time to read and recognize really good comments (today, anyway).

      That last sentence really nails it. We’ve been content to play along, and still are, mostly because of the illusion of wealth, and the prospect of losing it. We can afford to play along (for now) and we can’t afford not to.

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      1. Paradox surrounds us, I think.

        Before going bat-guano crazy, the Wachowski bros revealed a major slice of Truth, I think, with their notion that nothing is outside the Matrix (including systems that think they’re attacking it.)

        None of us is apart. That no man is an island is axiomatically true because we are a subset of animals that is inherently social. Our interactions with others obey certain rules, it appears.

        We have no choice but to “play along.” Fighting the “established State Church” today will get you fired from you job, black-listed and practically driven out of your home and neighborhood. It’s tantamount to looking at the stock market, concluding that it’s being driven higher by mass clinical insanity and thinking that it’s wise to enter a massive short position (which trust me is NOT a good idea.)

        “We can’t afford not to.” Exactly. Plan A is working with the world as it IS, no matter how insane it seems, because the inertia involved is of planetary mass…and a volcano that shakes and smokes may be hours or it may be life-times away from eruption. Mel Tappan was the original “prepper,” back in the 1970’s. He advocated going “off grid,” the whole 9 yards. As with Ludwig von Mises, me still may turn out to be right, but the proof won’t arrive until long after he’s dead. Timing is everything, and sanity of large systems appears to me to be an illusion.

        I think the most I can do is cultivate anti-fragility (however I see it) and live in the world as it is as closely according to my values as I’m able. Others’ mileage may vary. Rule #1 for me is, “The World is Full of Pain; Try Not To Add To It.” (Rule #2 is, Everything You Do Becomes A Part of You.”)


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