Demography is democracy

Just when I was feeling chipper.

Broward County continues to pull ballots out of dumpsters, custodial closets, and rented cargo trucks in down-to-the-wire counts for Florida’s senate and gubernatorial races.

Democracy is in good hands.

I know a number of earnest, intelligent people who still believe this biennial charade represents the rule of law. Ideally, local governments deploy tamper-proof technology and competent, mission-oriented humans to administer elections. In practice, elections are administered by bankrupt municipalities on obsolete, amateurish equipment by career bureaucrats ranging from the not-terribly-bright to the absolutely dimwitted. In a polity that’s swelled to diverse millions it is hardly suprising that elections turn on numbers within a (growing) margin for error. The Neo-Americans are right; America no longer looks like this.


It looks like this.

freedom of speech2

That the only white person is a 40-ish woman staring off into space in an SSRI-induced fog is a touch of gritty realism that would probably be too much for the highly romantic American painter, Norman Rockwell.

I am well over democracy at this point. The late Bob Wallace used to say that 105 IQ was the minimum needed for informed civic engagement and he is probably correct. The US mean is around 98, a level where people’s policy preferences are largely umbilical. Democracy is for a local polity voting on the roads or another water tank or police car. It is absurd and childish to think the universal franchise will deliver valid or successful outcomes at the national level on existential and ontological issues. That’s what the country’s founding was for. After that, it should just be the net tax-payors voting on the annual budget. Adult freeholders are as good a proxy as any.

The Georgia gubernatorial race (which has still not been conceded) has been instructive. (Paul Kersey has a good write-up).

The Republican candidate was uber-WASP Brian Kemp, a former real estate developer. The job of real estate developer in Georgia is the easiest in the world. First, you obtain your permits from the obliging local government which will let you build just about anywhere with zero regard for traffic, infrastructure, or environmental impact. Second, you take your permits and plans to SunTrust Bank for some gunslinger manager to throw money at you, or to some local “bank” which is mostly just a pile of equity holder warrants, or to some REIT full of money from geriatric investors. Then you hire your illiterate Aztec workforce to throw down your cheap, pre-fabricated crap. Realtors then sell your cheap, ugly product to national-chain commercial tenants, or to the latest group of whites/Asians desperately chasing “good school districts,” or to the enormous crop of atomized, single women working at professional service firms. This business model thrives on endless churn and principals without the slightest aesthetic or future-oriented sense.

There are a lot of Brian Kemps in the State of Georgia. He is a perfectly decent sort. He has no idea how much this picture engrages his ethnic and cultural rivals.


The Democratic candidate was Stacey Abrams, a black lesbian with a beer gut. She got a Yale law degree, sort of. She was briefly given an office by Sutherland Asbill. Since then she has mostly worked as a perenially indebted “black female entrepeneur,” like fellow BFE and Atlantan Tiffany Brown.

Holy moly.

A metro Atlanta district full of corporate middle-managers living in neighborhoods with $400,000 entry fees elected a Congresswoman from the political party which wants to take all the guns and erase Stone Mountain. There are lots of transplanted goodwhites in Georgia. These people believe that their principled ism-ism will survive democracy.

The black bloc vote was astounding. We don’t really vote anymore; we just take a census count.

Despite capturing three-quarters of the white vote, Brian Kemp may yet end up in a run-off election. Demography is not just destiny; demography is democracy.

How many Big White states are left–Ohio and Pennsylvania? At least half the whites in Wisconsin and Minnesota appear to be public employees.

The good news is in 75 years things will be so out of control that even our Brazil-ified electorate will vote for Brian Kemp’s great-great-grandson, Brian Duterte Kevin Nassim Bolsonaro.


14 thoughts on “Demography is democracy

  1. You don’t post much, but when you do…
    The horrifying thought is this all lasting another 75 years, shambling along, devouring what’s left of heritage America.


  2. While the author of this post and I probably couldn’t disagree more politically, I think he’s right re: elections as census taking.

    Voter suppression is all that the Republicans are going to have left to remain competitive beyond the state and local level. I only expect the party to become more and more an openly avowed white identity (for people who consider “being white” important) vehicle as it’s the only way to plod along as it is given American demographics. But the time, and it won’t be long coming, will arrive when even if every white person in America votes GOP, it’s simply not going to be enough. And since even that’s not going to happen, I’m curious what overall strategy is going forward. On the one hand, pork spending that favors minorities could be a reasonable venture, but I think by branding themselves a white party, the GOP is essentially sealing their fate as the party that does little than more choose the state house in Iowa and similarly populated states in a decade.

    I’m not a guy to gloat, but 2016 is the last house majority and last president the Republicans are ever going to elect, barring Trump squeaking out reelection.

    (For the record, I’m a social democrat with nothing but scorn for the establishment wing of the Democrats. )


    1. I don’t think you get it. In a multi-racial country whites don’t decide who’s white or who isn’t. Or have the luxury of not caring. That’s over.The other, eternally resentful ones do.


      1. Certainly, thank you.

        Whether or not the someone *wants* a white majority US, the ship has sailed on that on. Like it or not, that’s the reality.

        I can’t disagree more on demographics and social democracy. The Republicans have hammered away at many not particularly generous social programs and regulations and have been doing so for almost 40 years. This was long before the country was as non-white as it is now. The Republicans have only ever stood for labor at the cheapest price they can get. Your party overall was fairly warm to immigration so long as it had that effect. Now that the result of that over the long haul is a practically impossible electorate for them, the party line changes.

        2016 wasn’t exactly a fluke-despite what a lot of people on the left might tell you, but except for the unlikely reelection of Trump, the question is how long the Senate majority holds out to prevent a likely court packing. National-level GOP is essentially white identitarians and pro-lifers at this point. Another question is if and when the latter finds the latter to be too loathsome for sharing a coalition.

        I think the irony here is that the Trumpers are backing a movement that’s not representing them and serves only to line pockets. Trump only serves Trump and he’s not going to come close to delivering what they hoped he would. All the GOP is doing for the average backer is tighten the corporate vise.


      2. JP – you miss my point. A majority-minority US which votes itself social democracy will not be Sweden or Canada. It will be Mexico or Brazil. The tax base and high social trust will simply not exist. South Africa is watching its civilization erode away. Mexico has all the trappings of modern bourgeois existence, and gangs of young men and women engage in the same ritualized killings as their Aztec forebears. Welcome to the future you chose.

        You also misapprehend Republicans. The base which elected Trump, over the opposition of the entire political, academic and media classes, opposes immigration. The Republican leadership list to their donor class, who want cheap serfs for the tax farm. The interests of the Democrats and the GOP oligarchy are perfectly aligned.

        There’s a reason the caravan is heading north, not south, and white neighbors are so expensive.


  3. JP is correct about Repubs wanting cheap labor. But bringing up iffy coalitions raises the point about Dems. How long will whites stay in a party run by blacks? Blacks hate cops. Feminists want cops around to protect them from blacks. Whites in general want order. Blacks cannot self-correct and revert to anarchy and corruption left to their own devices. How many white women are covering for black men exploiting them? Cosby was so over the top degenerate he had to go. There’s gonna be more. Much more.


    1. There are more Latin Americans and will eventually be more Asians than Blacks. Whites while no longer be the majority and Blacks are no longer the “official” minority. We’re to the point where the racists of whatever race are outnumbered by non-racists of whatever race, some of them ever so cautiously being so in our remarkably diverse cities. Racism is something our parents and grandparents did no matter what race they are and their national origin. We’re friends with a little bit of everyone.


  4. “The D.C. Council voted Tuesday to decriminalize Metro fare evasion in the District, citing concerns over soaring enforcement levels and disproportionate enforcement against African Americans.”

    In this morning’s Washington Post. Says it all. If blacks destroy the Metro Rail system the whole thing collapses; walkable communities, sane levels of traffic, business viability. Blacks took over the MetroRail union. Ridership has been declining even as the system expands.


  5. @antignostic-

    I think you’ll find that areas with greater tax bases are left-leaning and diverse. One of bitterest ironies of the red and blue state divide is that the former are generally contributing less in taxes than the former.

    As to social trust, that’s something that’s still developing. But if your alternative is an economically depressed but homogeneous area, that’s your choice to make. The people most opposed to immigrants tend to live in these same depressed and white areas. Except for the person determined to be bigoted, proximity reduces prejudices. Unless you’re trying to be a racist, most people, you know, get along and make friends with people. Identitarianism is going to be a harder sell when most people have a wide range of friends and relatives of other backgrounds.

    On the Trump base, these people blame their economic woes on minorities and “the liberals” and somehow think that promoting an even more ruthless and gangster capitalism will magically bring the old factory jobs back. Let’s see how that works. Sure, certainly policies can keep certain industries on life support and create a fee jobs here and there, but real wages and quality of life will continue to decline. And this is the world you created. Republicans hate prosperity. They want people so broke and miserable that they’ll work for whatever they can get away with it paying.

    While there’s little lost lost between me and Republicans, I would at least expect the base to recognize that Trump isn’t going to save them economically or create their White Again country. Trump is a self-serving buffoon. Full stop. He’s not an ideologue or pragmatist. He lines his and his associates pockets.

    As to the world I created, I am far too young to have done any such thing. Demographics trends have been what they were and the small number of elections I’ve voted in had no impact on that.

    We’re clearly not on the same page. The notion that one might have non-white neighbors or (gasp) mixed-race descendents is no problem to me.


    1. In theory, Blue States work great. Whites and Asians in finance and tech pay high tax rates for all these wonderful social democratic things. In practice, there’s a poop-finding app for walking around in San Francisco and L.A. is full of Hoovervilles. Blue State America is a good place to be rich or poor.

      Everyone says they like Diversity. But the market rate for white/Asian neighbors (which is the extent of most people’s appetite for Diversity) is around $100,000.


  6. It’s clear that going forward the black/gay/feminist party will slander any opposition as Nazi. Nazis are pure evil. Ergo, you can do anything you want to them. That said, they need elaborate rationales to undertake further suppression. Hate speech criminalization is going to be a real interesting thing.

    In this article,, is the tale of blacks jealously guarding their victim status at the top of the pole while other fake-victims are grabbing their feet and pulling them down.

    A white feminist artist made a painting of Emmet Till attempting to connect herself and thus share in his iconic victimhood. Nothing doing said the blacks, and staged protests at the Whitney Biennial. Later, a “Somali-Australian” artist painted a portrait of the feminist’s 5-year son. Uh-oh. Feminists are not happy. So, which victim group has free speech? Who is allowed to use an image without permission of the mother? The publicity hound Till mother who used her son’s image to score victim points? Or the liberal mother creeped out by a Somali digging up a photo from her Facebook page?


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