Real news

Two bits of reality managed to intrude on the Narrative this week.

First, Caster Semenya is a man. This is all much simpler than the Narrators have been telling you. Semenya apparently has an XY chromosomal pair, no ovaries, no vagina terminating in a uterus, and no mammary glands. I’m not sure why this was ever in doubt.

semenya niyonsaba

Another world-class 800M runner, Francine Niyonsaba (above, on the right), is also an “XY female,” that is, a man. So was the third 800M medalist at the Rio Olympics, Margaret Wambui (in the middle, with Semenya and Niyonsaba, below).


I wouldn’t have thought that a heavy-boned, muscular man being told he can’t compete in women’s athletic events would be controversial, but here’s the NY Times, wrestling not against flesh and blood, but testosterone itself. (Sailer reads it so you don’t have to).

Here’s the thing about women’s sports: nobody really cares. They are a healthy outlet for athletic women, and they are a pleasant diversion from men’s sports. They are healthy enough and pleasant enough that some women can make a very good living at them, but that’s it. The true benchmarks in speed and strength will always be set by men. It’s unfair to women athletes to compete against men, and it’s unfair to Semenya and other men with undescended testicles and androgen uptake issues to insist they alter their natural hormone levels to further the delusion that they are “female athletes.” We provide a protected category for female athletes because otherwise even the strongest, fastest women on the planet would literally be lost in a sea of men and boys.

thompson capture

Reality next intruded into the crazed ideological Narrative of US foreign policy in Venezuela, an area of strange confluence between the Establishment press and the otherwise despised Trump administration.

Nacho Guido is the Rightful President of Venezuela according to the US government. So everybody was all excited and thundering about the imminent populist revolt against the Wrongful President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Except it looks like lots of Venezuelans, and most importantly the Venezuelan military, aren’t exercised enough about Maduro to throw him out of office. So now Juan Gaucho is going around asking the military to back him up in his coup d’etat. The NY Times has some helpful advice for Gato: confidence, consensus and inevitability. My advice is a little more down-to-earth: guns and tanks, lots of them. But my impression is that the 35-year old clone of James Woods and Barack Obama is in a bit over his head talking with the colonels. What’s he supposed to promise them–less pay and influence?

ola langley
Ola?! Langley?

Personally, I don’t care which socialist runs Venezuela. Their oil is on the world market, so my car’s six thirsty cylinders are happy, and if the Venezuelans all want to live off the oil money and pretend to work otherwise that’s fine with me. So far as I can tell, at least half of Venezuelan voters seem fine with that arrangement. My advice would be to let this corrupt Latin American country with a clunky, ambiguous constitution work things out on its own.

One thought on “Real news

  1. Thought I read somwhere that DHT deficiency in XYs (men) at certain stages causes genital development problems e.g. microphallus. Is it possible that many women athletes are really men with this problem? I have noticed a lot of female weightlifters breaking records lately.


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