In which I wade into the immigration debate


I found this post in the hopper but apparently forgot to finalize and publish it. It was inspired by a surprisingly candid story from local news in Harlingen, Texas in April 2019, so I decided to dust it off.

Illegal crossing spike shows men traveling with children

… “The whole world knows, it’s all over the news, everyone knows that if we come to the United States they’ll help us,” said Mayra Aguilar, an immigrant from Honduras.

She brought her family of eight with her and turned themselves into Border Patrol agents near Granjeno, Texas.

“We came with nothing, we came by God’s grace and God is so good, look how far he’s brought us,” Aguilar said.

She says the family migrated because they were being extorted by criminal organizations after refusing to cut gang members a portion of their taxi family business profit.

She decided to head to the United States after seeing advertisements on her local news outlets about free opportunities.

“We saw it on the news, television,” Aguilar said.

Our cameras found dozens of immigrants who said the same, they crossed because of Free American services and assistance being advertised in their home countries.

“We were told by the newspaper, that if a father brings his child they would help us here in the United States,” said a Guatemalan man who says he’s a pastor.

He was traveling with his 17-year-old son who said they left because his son received death threats after having a extramarital affair.

… One woman from Honduras said she needed to pay the smuggler in order to find a job in the United States to send money back to her family.

“For my family, to go further in life, we just want a better life.”

The Rio Grande Valley Sector continues to lead the nation in illegal crossings and narcotics seizures.

“A better life.” I hear that so much I wonder if it’s coached. Is it buried in some immigration regulation or precedential opinion written by an administrative law judge somewhere? And why does that justify anything? Me, you, convicted felons, all want “a better life.” Is there a single actual political dissident or persecuted minority among this bunch? I think it’s safe to assume 100% of them are net tax eaters fleeing the fact that they and their countrymen are incapable of self-governance.

Why is that our problem?

And if it is our problem, why isn’t the solution deposing their incompetent governments and ruling in their stead?

But there’s a more fundamental principle at stake which the menopausal women and their whipped husbands in the above photo don’t understand.

The modern world operates at least nominally under the Westphalian state order. Formally recognized States enjoy absolute sovereignty over their territory. This benefits the State’s owners, their taxpaying citizens. It means there are international norms against Spain invading Holland to prosecute archaic, unworkable claims, Germany can’t invade Poland for lebensraum, etc.

When the Obamas or the Mark Zuckerbergs or any other wealthy people want more lebensraum, they just buy it. The Obamas are buying 29 acres for their family of four on Martha’s Vineyard. Mark Zuckerberg has a thousand acres in Hawaii. Just last post, I referenced David Letterman’s two thousand acres for his three-person family in rural Montana.

Revealed preferences: people want elbow room. If you’re not a millionaire, then all you’ve got are borders and the bit of house you can afford within them. That’s frankly the only reason on which we can all agree to pay taxes:  so the government can maintain a redoubt for its citizens where they can realize their particular vision of a good life. That’s what the Peace of Westphalia was all about. The Dutch should get their own place to be Dutch, rather than being subject to arcane claims of inheritance by Spanish aristocrats. That’s what allows us to have prosperous, stable self-rule instead of bloody, chaotic wars by competing sovereigns that drag on for decades.

Open Borders are the end of nation-state sovereignty. Now, there is no place to hide. When another Nation wants to move into your State, there’s no sovereign to whom you can appeal. There’s only a State-less international elite which has decided, within the walls of its well-guarded, palatial, and uncrowded residences that the citizens don’t deserve borders.

The Peace of Westphalia has been revoked. Prepare yourselves.

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