TRUMP 2020

I do not know what will happen tonight and over the ensuing weeks, as the courts and bureaucracy work frantically to ensure that voting will never again threaten to change the US government.

I hope Trump wins, but every powerful and elite institution is allied against him.

No matter. The real MAGA, one might say, is all the friends we made along the way.

All the intellectual ferment, all the forward-thinking, all the pro patria, all the fervor and vision, is on our side–the national populists.

All the decay, the decrepitude, the stench of decline and the grave, is on the side of our opponents: the insane ideologues, the effete classical liberals, the Constitution ghost-dancers, the cuckservatives, the progressives, the mindless consumerist drones with no sense of transcendence. There is no more apt personification, no more emblematic champion of this corrupt status quo than the decrepit, handsy Joe Biden, seeking a fitting end to his 47 years of showing up.

Looking at the Trump rallies, reading our team’s potent, incisive commentary, experiencing the enthusiasm, friendliness, and intense good humor of our compatriots, it is undeniable that an American nation lives, despite being constantly propagandized, browbeaten and bullied by its rulers.

Tonight it may all disappear. Tonight the Democrats may sweep to power and set about their unholy trifecta:

  • “hate speech” (bureaucratically defined) is not free speech under the First Amendment;
  • “assault weapons” (bureaucratically defined) are not “arms” under the Second Amendment;
  • a “nation of immigrants” must never be allowed to become a nation of natives, so if you get here you can stay here.

Year Zero! … and you will be demographically swamped, your firearms will be taken away, and you will not be allowed to criticize it.

Donald Trump is a flawed man. But he was the only man in 2015–out of over a dozen professional Republican politicians and an absolutely self-assured, arrogant, media-anointed Democratic candidate–to see that $100 electoral bill on the sidewalk and pick it up.

Whatever becomes of Donald Trump, we have seen the sleeping giant. The desire of a people to exist as masters in their own home, as Americans in their American redoubt, is fundamental and not so easily got rid of.

The enemies of America as a home for the Americans, the enemies of national self-determination, the enemies of diversity expressed concretely through the multiplicity of free and unique peoples–these enemies may yet secure electoral victory. But they will surely find that the desire for national self-preservation is hard to kill, because it is right and just.

The flawed, bombastic Donald Trump has been part of this process of national–and international–self-discovery. For this is much bigger than just Donald Trump and the Americans. All nations in the vast American sphere of influence will be expected to buckle under if Trump and his national populism are defeated. If globalism completes its dispossession of the American nation, what hope remains for anybody else? What hope for Poland, Hungary, for the English, the French nation, the German nation, for the struggling Syrians and Lebanese, for any peoples who want off and away from this globalist treadmill, this toxic deviancy, this endless consumerism, crowding and conformity?

Deus vult!

(Shamelessly stolen from Blair Nathan, and expanded upon).

3 thoughts on “TRUMP 2020

  1. What happened on Wednesday was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. My heart goes out to all those who will face persecution because of it.

    The US is dead. The catlady matriarchy will now turn it’s attention to it’s domestic enemies.

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