Prognostication is an uncertain exercise, so I might as well go big. The tabula rasa theory of human development is on its last legs. As with any gnostic dogma that no longer explains reality, its practitioners double down on their praxis, in a final ghost dance to revive the old pantheon and exorcise the … Continue reading Predictions!

Happy New Decade!

And we are starting it off with a bang. I'm not particularly exercised about the assassination of this extra-territorial Persian adventurer. As I was reminded this morning, these people are not our friends. By the way, interesting phenotypical differences in the above photograph. Iran is ruled by an Aryan theocratic elite. It's also a … Continue reading Happy New Decade!

Neo-America goes to the movies

I'm Anglo-America, and I didn't see the latest Star Wars film. But Neo-America did: “The Rise of Skywalker,” released last week, is a muddled and aimless homage to previous films in the series. Its countless callbacks to the older films feel like an effort to “make ‘Star Wars’ great again,” though it does manage to … Continue reading Neo-America goes to the movies