Neo-America goes to the movies

I'm Anglo-America, and I didn't see the latest Star Wars film. But Neo-America did: “The Rise of Skywalker,” released last week, is a muddled and aimless homage to previous films in the series. Its countless callbacks to the older films feel like an effort to “make ‘Star Wars’ great again,” though it does manage to … Continue reading Neo-America goes to the movies

Columbus Day

Once upon a time Italian-Americans, seeking cachet and respectability in their new country, lobbied President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for a national holiday honoring that storied and intrepid Italian, Cristoforo Columbo, the man who opened the Americas to European exploration. Not so fast, bigots. On Monday in the nation's capital, there is no Columbus Day. The D.C. … Continue reading Columbus Day

Post-scarcity Politics

Once upon a time, the national government was (relatively) limited. If States didn't want women to vote, that was that. The only remedy was to get a super-majority of the States to amend the federal constitution in accordance with its terms. Nobody thought for a minute that the Supreme Court could judicially declare that restricting … Continue reading Post-scarcity Politics