Post-scarcity Politics

Once upon a time, the national government was (relatively) limited. If States didn't want women to vote, that was that. The only remedy was to get a super-majority of the States to amend the federal constitution in accordance with its terms. Nobody thought for a minute that the Supreme Court could judicially declare that restricting … Continue reading Post-scarcity Politics

Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee for President

I sympathize with the old bolshevik. Billionaires are anti-democratic. They can nullify the votes of 63 million mere citizens with a few phone calls; they can get all sorts of tax breaks from local governments by putting the location of their corporate headquarters in play; hence my argument that we should just give them the … Continue reading Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee for President

Ecclesia Is Downstream From Culture

Without getting too specific, let me summarize my Christian life by saying I haveĀ  observedĀ and participated in numerous iterations of Christian worship, theological doctrine, and church governance over my lifetime. Over the decades, I have observed a single constant, as unchanging and timeless (though not, theologically, as significant) as the Our Father taught by our … Continue reading Ecclesia Is Downstream From Culture

In which I wade into the immigration debate

I found this post in the hopper but apparently forgot to finalize and publish it. It was inspired by a surprisingly candid story from local news in Harlingen, Texas in April 2019, so I decided to dust it off. Illegal crossing spike shows men traveling with children ... "The whole world knows, it's all over … Continue reading In which I wade into the immigration debate