Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee for President

I sympathize with the old bolshevik. Billionaires are anti-democratic. They can nullify the votes of 63 million mere citizens with a few phone calls; they can get all sorts of tax breaks from local governments by putting the location of their corporate headquarters in play; hence my argument that we should just give them the … Continue reading Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee for President

Ecclesia Is Downstream From Culture

Without getting too specific, let me summarize my Christian life by saying I haveĀ  observedĀ and participated in numerous iterations of Christian worship, theological doctrine, and church governance over my lifetime. Over the decades, I have observed a single constant, as unchanging and timeless (though not, theologically, as significant) as the Our Father taught by our … Continue reading Ecclesia Is Downstream From Culture

In which I wade into the immigration debate

I found this post in the hopper but apparently forgot to finalize and publish it. It was inspired by a surprisingly candid story from local news in Harlingen, Texas in April 2019, so I decided to dust it off. Illegal crossing spike shows men traveling with children ... "The whole world knows, it's all over … Continue reading In which I wade into the immigration debate

Good as Gold

The ECB rumor mill over the past two weeks hyped the possibility of a shock-and-awe stimulus package, on top of the shock-and-awe stimulus packages the ECB has already implemented, namely negative interest rates, liquidity facilities, and QE. The entire German government bond market, even 30-year bonds have negative yields. And the German economy shrank in … Continue reading Good as Gold

It was fun while it lasted

In 2016, with Donald Trump conducting energetic political rallies and an un-charismatic Hillary Clinton lecturing everybody about misogyny and racism, a group of high-level Executive branch officials colluded with the Hillary campaign and Fusion GPS to gather dirt on candidate Trump. Fusion GPS hired former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to see what he could find. … Continue reading It was fun while it lasted